CTO2 provides insightful and creative approaches to the unique challenges facing today's growing technology companies.


After years of investigation and experimentation we landed on four main building blocks to creating a healthy technical organization:

Autonomy. The ability to be independently creative and hold our future in our hands.

Connection. The opportunity to belong and to connect to others.

Excellence. To enjoy the learning and developing of our own talents while delivering quality work.

Diversity. To work in a place that yearns for and maximizes the magic of “different”.




 Assessment Report

Assessment Report

Getting ready to implement a major change initiative? Concerned about a decline in productivity or morale? Want to get a check-in on the health of your teams and systems?

(CTO)2 offers comprehensive assessments of your team and environment. Through interview and inspection, we can provide insight into key areas of the organization and help you address any concerns before they become significant issues (or even if they have).

Assessment reports provide suggested remediation steps for key issues along with resources to learn more about the recommendations.


Software Process Coaching

 Managing Work In Process

Managing Work In Process

At our heart, we are agilists. To us, that doesn't necessarily mean Scrum, XP, Crystal, DSDM, SAFe, or Lean. It isn't about a specific prescription or methodology. Fundamentally, it means:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

It means helping you find what works best for you. It means creating a learning organization where teams inspect and adapt in order to best respond to the changing contexts present in today's complex work environments.


Agile Engineering Essentials

This hands-on workshop can be customized from a single to multi day experience wherein developers are introduced to agile (XP) software essentials and concepts of good Object Oriented design. Engineers will learn about The 4 Rules of Simple Design, TDD, Pair Programming, Refactoring, and Mob Programming through instruction and applied practice.

More than 50% of the course time is spent hands-on-keys, applying the concepts and principles in a safe to fail environment conducive to learning.

Longer workshops include ATDD, studies in Technical Debt and team process metrics.

Collaborative Decision Making

Even high functioning teams occasionally have a hard time making decisions or coming up with creative ideas. There are times when the conversation seems to drag on long after a decision is reached. There are times when we have too many people involved in the discussion or the wrong people involved. There are times when we're not sure whose the actual decision maker. And there are those times when we just seem to be out of synch with each other. This creative collaboration workshop provides tools that help resolve all of these issues. Customizable for your needs, this workshop can run 2 to 8 hours.

Technical Interviewing 101

The demand for good talent far exceeds the supply these days. The candidate is interviewing you as much as you're interviewing them. This workshop will help you run an effective interview process by helping you understand the candidate experience and put your best foot forward. We'll cover solo and team interview techniques, help you create a solid interview loop, reduce bias from the process, and make sure good candidate decisions are made quickly.

Teamwork Tools

A variant on the "Collaborative Decision Making" workshop, the Teamwork Tools workshop allows real teams to work through and resolve actual issues. Coming out of this workshop, teams will not only have a better set of tools for team decisions, but they will have actually solved a challenge or two.


CTO2 provides insightful and creative approaches to the unique challenges facing today's growing technology companies.


CTO2 provided deep insight into engineering culture, employee engagement and accelerated our company development during a rapid growth stage.

- Ben Uretsky, Digital Ocean
Co-Founder & CEO

The collaboration tools workshop and coaching from Doc helped us figure out how to work better together as a team and allowed us to solve in a matter of hours some issues we'd been struggling with for weeks.

- Logan LaHive, Belly
Founder & CEO

 I have been supremely impressed, in particular, with the statistical outlook on identifying and rectifying underlying issues with team and project performance. By introducing quantifiable objectives and procedures, CTO2 helped my team to better identify underlying performance problems. I would recommend [to] any organization.

- Director of Development

Doc's positive outlook, compassionate approach, and effortlessly graceful communication style encouraged me to grow my emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, for which I credit a great deal of my career advancement and success. I would be honored to work with him again in any context, and congratulate any team fortunate enough to be in his upbeat and insightful presence. 

- Founder & CTO

Good leaders have something about them that's hard to put into words - they motivate, inspire, challenge, serve and do so much more for us that often goes unseen. Doc is one of the finest leaders in the software industry that I've had an opportunity to work with. Doc has helped everyone thats worked with him to raise our bars both personally and professionally.

- Sr. Software Engineer