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CTO2 presents around the world at conferences and private company events helping people learn about culture, agility, diversity, complexity, and leadership. Our presentations inform, entertain, and push the boundaries of common knowledge.


Technical Recruiting, Job Description Fails and Diversity :: RAILSCONF 2017

RailsConf 2017: Panel: Better Hiring Practices for Fun and Profit With Cecy Correa, Pamela O. Vickers, Heather Corallo & Justin Herrick The average American worker will have 10 jobs before the age of 40. There's a great deal of opportunity and mobility in our industry, and yet, our hiring process is anything but pleasant or streamlined.

The Technical Debt Trap :: NDC Sydney 2016

Technical Debt has become a catch-all phrase for any code that needs to be re-worked. Much like Refactoring has become a catch-all phrase for any activity that involves changing code. These fundamental misunderstandings and comfortable yet mis-applied metaphors have resulted in a plethora of poor decisions. What is technical debt? What is not technical debt? Why should we care? What is the cost of misunderstanding? What do we do about it? Doc discusses the origins of the metaphor, what it means today, and how we properly identify and manage technical debt.

The Experimentation Mindset :: NDC Sydney 2016

Among the traits that distinguish a good team from a great team is their ability to innovate. Despite the rhetoric in favor of innovation, most organizations are stuck in an implementation mindset, stifling creativity, excellence, and the resultant innovation. The experimentation mindset frees us from self-imposed constraints, allowing us to continually learn and improve.

Building blocks of a knowledge work culture :: Agile india 2016

Much of what we've learned about management and motivation isn't necessarily wrong, it's just inappropriate and ineffective for knowledge work. To create a truly impactful knowledge work environment, you need to use appropriate leadership styles and create an environment that allows people to achieve their highest potential.