CTO2 provides insightful and creative approaches to the unique challenges facing today's growing technology companies.


CTO2 provided deep insight into engineering culture, employee engagement and accelerated our company development during a rapid growth stage.

- Ben Uretsky, Digital Ocean
Co-Founder & CEO

The collaboration tools workshop and coaching from Doc helped us figure out how to work better together as a team and allowed us to solve in a matter of hours some issues we'd been struggling with for weeks.

- Logan LaHive, Belly
Founder & CEO

 I have been supremely impressed, in particular, with the statistical outlook on identifying and rectifying underlying issues with team and project performance. By introducing quantifiable objectives and procedures, CTO2 helped my team to better identify underlying performance problems. I would recommend [to] any organization.

- Director of Development

Doc's positive outlook, compassionate approach, and effortlessly graceful communication style encouraged me to grow my emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, for which I credit a great deal of my career advancement and success. I would be honored to work with him again in any context, and congratulate any team fortunate enough to be in his upbeat and insightful presence. 

- Founder & CTO

Good leaders have something about them that's hard to put into words - they motivate, inspire, challenge, serve and do so much more for us that often goes unseen. Doc is one of the finest leaders in the software industry that I've had an opportunity to work with. Doc has helped everyone thats worked with him to raise our bars both personally and professionally.

- Sr. Software Engineer