Members of CTO2 engaged in lively conversation on topics such as agile, culture, diversity, and leadership. Turns out, we've always got something to say.


The agile path :: In Search of safety

In this, the first episode, we take a journey to find a definition of safety. To find this, we intersect story telling, interviews and in-depth research, taking us on a journey through abusive environments to improvisational theatre. Learning about safety, engagement and what happens when they don’t exist. And, we might just discover a few universal truths along the way.

Agile for Humans :: Agile Organizational Change

Michael “Doc” Norton (@docondev) joins Ryan Ripley (@RyanRipley) to discuss Organizational Change, Mindset Shifts, and Product Centric Organizations.

Chicago Creative Space :: Creating a successful engineering culture

Creating the right culture for your engineering organization is crucial to success and requires proper attention and care. To help understand the process, we catch up with Doc Norton and Heather Corallo. Doc is former Director of Engineering at Groupon and currently founder/CEO of CTO2. Heather is the current Director of Engineering at Groupon and has 10+ years in the Tech Talent space.

Techcast :: Agile Metrics - Velocity is not the goal

An outspoken critic of the way I.T. companies organize their projects, Doc Norton spoke at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise. His talk was called Agile Metrics: Velocity is NOT the Goal. His company, CTO2, helps companies implement Agile development practices. Today, Ken and Doc discuss some of Doc's most recent opinion pieces on his blog, docondev.com.


In this podcast, Jessie Shternshus , Paul Hammond and I take a shot at addressing the question of whether organizations have become so focused by the need to “do” Agile that they may have lost the ability to actually “be” Agile. During the conversation we touch on a number of the key challenges organizations are facing and how these challenges are impacting individuals at the team level.