Collaborative Decision Making

Collaborative Decision Making

Even high functioning teams occasionally have a hard time making decisions or coming up with creative ideas. There are times when the conversation seems to drag on long after a decision is reached. There are times when we have too many people involved in the discussion or the wrong people involved. There are times when we’re not sure who's the actual decision maker. And there are those times when we just seem to be out of synch with each other. This creative collaboration workshop provides tools that help resolve all of these issues. Come have some laughs with Doc, play with new friends, and learn one or two new techniques you can try at home.

Hands On

This workshop is designed to be truly experiential. Rather than discussing topics, teams are quickly introduced to a concept and then spend time working together using the techniques they’ve learned.

As the workshop progresses, teams have an opportunity to utilize the tools they learned earlier in the workshop and see how these techniques can be used together in various ways.

At the end of the workshop, teams will have addressed a number of different challenges that are common to all of our work lives.

Solve Real Problems

While the workshop can be run quite successfully with a pre-defined set of general challenges, there is a tremendous benefit to using the workshop to solve real problems you and your teams currently face.

Previous customers have used these workshops to agree on new space layouts, come to agreement on complex team processes, select technical platforms, and make adjustments to their core business strategy.


“The collaboration tools workshop and coaching from CTO2 helped us figure out how to work better together as a team and allowed us to solve in a matter of hours some issues we'd been struggling with for weeks.”

- Logan LaHive, Belly Founder & CEO

Course Outline


Games to form teams and get to know one another

Design a product

Wordsmash to create a fictional product
"Yes And" to create a product feature set

Selling the product

Pitches to the team

Choosing the Product

Introduction to Fist To Five voting
Voting Exercise

Product Planning

Generate planning items
5x7 prioritization

Refining the Plan

Introduction to Parallel Thinking
Parallel Thinking Exercise

Forming Teams for Execution

Introduction to Collaboration Contracts
Collaboration Contract Exercise