Agile Engineering Essentials

Agile Engineering Essentials Class

This hands-on workshop can be customized from a single to multi day experience wherein developers are introduced to agile (XP) software essentials and concepts of good Object Oriented design. Engineers will learn about The 4 Rules of Simple Design, TDD, Pair Programming, Refactoring, and Mob Programming through instruction and applied practice. More than 50% of the course time is spent hands-on-keys, applying the concepts and principles in a safe to fail environment conducive to learning.

Longer workshops include ATDD, studies in Technical Debt and team process metrics.

Course Outline


  • Schedule
  • Introduction to coding challenge

Morning Sessions

  • Introduction to TDD
  • Introduction to Pair Programming
  • Primitive Obsession

Lunch Break

  • 1 Hour

Afternoon Sessions

  • Cyclomatic Complexity
  • Advanced TDD
  • Mob Programming

Closing / Retrospective