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50+ hours a week. 2500+ hours a year. 100,000+ hours a career. We all spend a lot of time working.

On a sunny day in Seattle, we sat together, elbow to elbow in a bar after a particularly hard day at the office. We'd seen too many teams go through unnecessary challenges.

  • The surrounding systems and cultures handcuffed their ability to build their best product with passion, collaboration and creativity.
  • The organizational motivators and incentives were not aligned to drive innovation and collaboration.
  • The wrong people were in the wrong roles.
  • The core of Agile was lost and teams performed rituals without understanding why
  • The product developed had little to do with the customer's happiness

We knew there was a better way.


CTO2 provided deep insight into engineering culture, employee engagement and accelerated our company development during a rapid growth stage.

-- Ben Uretsky, Digital Ocean Co-Founder & CEO

With over 40 years of combined experience in software delivery process, tools, staffing, and retention across a wide range of industries, CTO2 is uniquely qualified to help you face the challenge of growing your technology teams whilst maintaining a healthy and vibrant culture.


Agile Rescue

You consider yourself an agile organization. You're following the practices, but you don't seem to be getting the benefits. Thinking maybe you chose the wrong methodology? Feeling like there's a little too much dogma and not enough results? We've been there. And we know how to break through to the next level of performance.

At our core, we are agilists. To us, that doesn't necessarily mean Scrum, XP, Crystal, DSDM, SAFe, or Lean. It isn't about a specific prescription or methodology its about what works for you.


You've secured your next round of funding, and are ready to take the company to the next level. Where do you start? How do structure the business for healthy growth? How do you structure the organization to support innovation? 

We help you by providing strategic assessments and advising that will align your people, product and engineering strategy to your broader organizational vision.


Talent Strategy

Hiring the first developer or your first CTO in today's climate is hard. How about hiring at a rate of 15-100 a week? Seems daunting. And it is. Once you hire those people, how do you help them grow in their role and in your organization?

We help you determine what talent you really need, where to find them, how to hire them, how to develop them and how to keep them.  

Leadership Development 

Are you a first time manager promoted from senior engineer thinking "Now what"? Have you experienced the behind-closed-doors strategy sessions as a CEO weighing complex decisions on a daily basis? 

Our approach towards Host Leadership and our building blocks of a healthy culture can help you in your quest for high impact and healthy leadership in your company.


The collaboration tools workshop and coaching from Doc helped us figure out how to work better together as a team and allowed us to solve in a matter of hours some issues we'd been struggling with for weeks.

-- Logan LaHive, Belly Founder & CEO

On The Topic


We speak all over the world whether Keynote, Internal Conference, Podcasts or even a little stand up...



Members of CTO2 engage in lively conversation on topics such as agile, culture, diversity, and leadership. Turns out, we've always got something to say.

Blog Posts

We always have something to share and we'll write our thoughts on our most passionate topics here.


CTO2 presents around the world at conferences and private company events helping people learn about culture, agility, diversity, complexity, and leadership. 

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By introducing quantifiable objectives and procedures, CTO2 helped my team to better identify underlying performance problems. I wouuld recommend [them to] any organization.

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